RUSSIA-UKRAINE LIVE: Ukraine accuse Kremlin of using deadly vacuum bomb and war crimes

RUSSIA-UKRAINE LIVE: Ukraine accuse Kremlin of using deadly vacuum bomb and war crimes as football world closes door on Russia and sanctions devastate its economy





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Vladimir Putin today ranted about the West’s ’empire of lies’ as Boris Johnson said the Russian president had made a ‘colossal mistake’ invading Ukraine.

Dozens of civilians were killed and hundreds wounded after Russian rocket artillery fired in Ukraine’s second-largest city of Kharkiv.

And fresh measures to help Ukrainian refugees are now being introduced with Priti Patel saying a further 100,000 will be able to seek sanctuary in the UK.

Meanwhile a convoy of Belarusian tanks and troop carriers were seen queueing near the Ukrainian border as officials from Moscow and Kyiv started ‘peace talks’.

Also today, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace dismissed Vladimir Putin putting his nuclear forces on high alert as being a part of the Kremlin’s ‘battle of rhetoric’.

In addition, the Russian central bank was forced to sharply raise its key interest rate to save the rouble from collapse as the war worsened the humanitarian crisis.

Ahead of an emergency United Nations General Assembly meeting, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the next 24 hours would be a ‘crucial period’. 

It was claimed Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is trying to broker a deal to end to the war in Ukraine and has already arrived in Belarus to assist in peace talks.

Also today, petrol prices have skyrocketed today with one BP garage selling it for 175.9p a litre while the average soared to 151p for the first time ever.

And the Anonymous group have targeted three Russian state news agencies and taken down the Kremlin website after Russia painted Ukrainian troops as ‘Nazis’.

Here, follow MailOnline’s live blog for all the updates on the crisis in Ukraine today: 



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