Australia’s new prime minister makes moves to remove the Queen as head of state

Is Australia reign over for monarch? Country appoints ‘assistant minister for the republic’, fuelling prospects of the Queen no longer being head of state

The Queen faces being ousted as head of state in Australia by a new appointee ‘Assistant minister for the republic’, a new role in Australia, aims to axe monarchSydney MP Matt Thistlethwaite, 51, a senior party figure, has taken up the roleAustralia’s government now has a member ‘solely devoted’ to ousting the Queen





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Australia now has an ‘assistant minister for the republic’, raising the prospect of the Queen no longer being head of state.

New prime minister Anthony Albanese chose Sydney MP Matt Thistlethwaite, 51, a senior party figure. 

Although becoming a republic was not in Albanese’s manifesto, it has been promised by previous Labor leaders.

Australia’s new prime minister Anthony Albanese (pictured) has created a new post in his government with the occupant’s sole job being to oust the Queen as head of state

In a 1999 referendum, 55 per cent voted against removing the Queen as Australia’s head of state

In a 1999 referendum, 55 per cent voted against a republic.

The move was welcomed by the Australian Republic Movement, which campaigns for an Australian head of state.

‘WE ARE ON OUR WAY!’ tweeted prominent republican and author Peter FitzSimons.

‘Let the record show, for the first time in the history of the Commonwealth, Australia has a member of the Govt singularly devoted to removing the Crown, and helping Australia become a Republic,’ he added.

Albanese has previously described Australia becoming a republic as ‘inevitable’.

He has promised a referendum on giving Aboriginal Australians an institutional role in policymaking, but not on becoming a republic.


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