Mass brawl breaks out at car boot sale among 30 men wielding baseball bats, golf clubs and a SCYTHE 

Mass brawl breaks out at car boot sale among 30 men wielding baseball bats, golf clubs and a seven-foot SCYTHE

The huge fight broke out at the Sunday Market at Ayr Racecourse, in ScotlandShocked families witnessed 30 men armed with weapons attacking each otherVideo shows one person wielding a seven-foot long scythe in the mayhemPolice say they have arrested and charged one man, aged 31, in connection 





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A mass brawl at a car boot sale which saw 30 men wielding baseball bats, golf clubs and a seven-foot scythe in front of terrified families.

Onlookers watched on in horror as the large group fought each in a running battle through the open-air market on the Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

Witnesses describe seeing the brawl break out at the Sunday Market at Ayr Racecourse in Scotland on shortly before 11.40am on June 5.

Scottish police say they have arrested and charged one man in connection with the ruckus and are hunting the others involved. 

Video of the brawl shows the groups screaming at each other and two men walking across and making threatening gestures with a huge scythe and baseball bat.

One man (pictured centre) can be seen wielding a massive seven-foot long scythe during the commotion

Fighting continued outside the car boot sale, with car horns blaring across the video.

Women from the groups were within the crowd, videoing it on mobile phones.

Many locals shouted at the fighting men, telling them to leave because there were children around them.

One onlooker, who did not want to be identified for fear of retribution, said: ‘I have never experienced anything like it.

‘You see 20 or 30 guys all chasing each other with a scythe – a seven foot pole with a hook on the end of it.

‘I was caught up in the middle of it with these guys.

Another man was seen wielding a metal object as the groups made their way through the market

The eye-witness, who goes to the car boot sale every Sunday with his kids, said he would be more cautious going there in future.

He continued: ‘It was an extra busy day and there were literally hundreds of kids there.

‘At one point I grabbed a child’s buggy to pull it away and we just took as much shelter as we could.

‘It was absolute mayhem. I’m totally shocked.’

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: ‘We were made aware of a disturbance involving a number of people near Ayr Racecourse on Whitletts Road in Ayr shortly 11.40am on Sunday, 5 June.

‘The group left prior to police arriving and no injuries have been reported.

‘A 31-year-old man has been arrested and charged in connection with the incident. He has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal and is expected to appear in court at a later date.

‘Further enquiries are ongoing to identify others involved.

‘The incident is thought to be isolated with no risk to the wider public. However, highly visible police patrols will be carried out in the area to provide reassurance to the local community.’

The Ayr Sunday Market runs from 8am-4pm every Sunday.


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