Prince George buried his head in his hands after watching Louis’ antics at Jubilee

Oh, brother! Hilarious moment ‘mortified’ Prince George, 8, buried his head in his hands after little Louis, 4, caused a scene by cheering at the Platinum Pageant

Prince Louis, four, stole the limelight during Jubilee celebrations this week Royal put on animated display, pretending to be a lion and sticking out tongue At one stage the little tot threw his hands into the air to give crowd peace signsIn a clip of the moment, Prince George can be seen burying his head in his hands 





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A giggling Prince George buried his head in his hands as he watched his little brother Prince Louis‘ antics at the Jubilee celebration.

The four-year-old showcased several amusing expressions as he sat next to his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, in the royal box during the fourth day of Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

At times, he was seen clenching his fists, sticking out his tongue, waving his arms in the air, putting his hands over his mother’s mouth and standing in his seat for a better view of the spectacle.

At one stage, he threw his hands into the air, offering the audience a peace sign – while Prince George, who was sitting alongside his brother, laughing and covering his face with his hands. 

Royal fans have been going wild for the clip online, with one posting: ‘Oh my goodness, George’s reaction…classic big bro. Too funny, what a fabulous little family.’

Nooo this is so cute! 😭😭

Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte The Duchess of Cambridge and Mia Tindall’ reaction when Prince Louis was celebrating 😂

Prince George’s reaction is the best 😂

Gif: tumblr, willandkate

— Isa (@isaguor) June 7, 2022

A giggling Prince George buried his head in his hands as he watched his little brother Prince Louis’ antics at the Jubilee celebration

The little royal could be seen putting his hands over his face as his little brother threw his hands into the air in a peace sign 

Meanwhile another wrote: ‘That is exactly what I noticed. Too cute and sweet. Louis will keep William and Kate in their toes for sure, Louis is filling the role of being the youngest member of the family perfectly.’

A third added: ”A very relatable family who own their actions, happiness, warts and all.’ 

‘As the oldest sibling in my family, I thought the best part was watching Prince George’s mortified reaction at the exuberance of Prince Louis,’ another wrote. ‘Really grounds that whole family… I love it!’

One user commented: ‘HRH, Prince Louis was saying, finally I to come out and celebrate his great-grandmother with all of the people of UK, Commonwealth and family. 

Royal fans have been going wild for the clip online, with one posting Prince George was acting like ‘the classic big brother’

‘He was living his best life and we should all be able to do that.’

The clip has emerged as Mike Tindall said Prince Louis‘s scene-stealing antics were due to a sugar high.

The 43-year-old former rugby player opened up about the celebrations on his podcast The Good, The Bad and The Rugby, which he presents alongside former teammate James Haskell and TV presenter Alex Payne.

The sportsman, who is married to Zara Tindall, 41, made headlines after he gave the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge‘s youngest son a playful stare down during the pageant on Sunday.

The heir-to-the-throne beamed across at his mother while watching his brother’s antics (left) before burying his head in his hands (right) 

The little royal could be seen giggling as he sat with his father watching Louis’ antics during the royal event 

Speaking on the podcast, Tindall sympathised with Louis, saying the pageant had been long for the little royal, and that all the royal children suffered a ‘sugar high’ from eating sweets. 

Mike and wife Zara attended the show with their two eldest daughters, Mia, eight,  Lena, three, and one-year-old Lucas.

Prince Louis, who attended with Prince Charlotte, seven, and Prince George, eight, and their parents, was sat next to his mother, Kate, but struggled to keep still during the show, which ran all afternoon. 

He later moved across to his other relatives and sat on his grandfather Prince Charles lap, who pointed out various interesting parts of the parade to try and keep the four-year-old entertained.

Former England rugby player Mike Tindall, 43, said Prince Louis’s antics at the Jubilee Pageant were due to a sugar high as he reflected on the celebrations on his podcast 

A very animated Louis was seen sharing candy with his sister Prince Charlotte, right and his cousins Savannah Phillips, 11, and Lena Tindall, three, left

Mike, who has two children under four, sympathised with the little Cambridge. 

‘Louis, he was just wanting to have fun. And my two are always mischievous so it’s trying to keep a lid on,’ the father-of-three said. 

And Louis’s visible excitement might have been down to the sweets the kids enjoyed during the show, the sportsman added. 

‘There were a lot of sweets out back though, so there was a real sugar high.’

Mike went on, saying staying quiet at the show had been ‘tough’ for the young royals. 

Mike said the pageant had been ‘tough’ for the little royals, because the event ran long. The young royals also had a lot of candy

Prince Louis, four, put on an animated display during the pageant, and had to be managed by his mother, Kate Middleton, 40, left and several other adult members of the royal family 

‘They’re all young… it’s a long time. But as any parents knows you just do whatever needs to be done,’ he said. 

Social media users were delighted by Louis’ antics, with one writing: ‘Prince Louis being iconic as always,’ while another added: ‘Prince Louis’ facial expressions are as legendary as ever.’

Behind the little prince – who arrived alongside his sister Princess Charlotte, seven, brother Prince George, eight, and father Prince William, 39 – sat Mike Tindall who at one point, entertained the boy with funny faces to keep him amused.

The former England rugby player Tindall, sitting in the row behind, gestured and pointed to his eyes that he was keeping watch over him, as Kate chuckled at their interaction. 

Louis’s antics stole the show at the pageant as he was seen sticking his tongue out and imitating a lion during the festivities 

During the Platinum Pageant, father-of-three Mike was also snapped enjoying a tender moment with his eight-year-old daughter Mia Tindall

‘Prince Louis deserves is own meme section! I cant with how expressive his face is!! Love you little bug!’, wrote another social media user on Twitter. 

Another person posted online: ‘Unfortunately for Prince Louis, he can’t be mischievous because Mike will make sure he behaves,’ while one added: ‘Love this photo of Mike Tindall teasing Prince Louis and making sure he’s well behaved for the Platinum Jubilee Pageant.’

Kate stroked Louis’s shoulder before he got out of his seat and walked to his left. The four-year-old prince then sat on his grandfather Prince Charles’s lap, who rocked him from side to side. He was then seen back with his mother.

The prince had delighted royal fans by stealing the show on the balcony on Thursday after Trooping the Colour.

He let out a howl and covered his ears during the flypast, and his ‘Gan Gan’ the Queen sweetly interacted with her great-grandson, leaning down to chat to him and point out the planes.


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