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In this column yesterday, the Daily Mail asked where Labour stood on the vindictive rail strikes planned by Marxist unions.

Was it with the travelling public who face mayhem in the event of a ruinous national shutdown? Or with the bullying, politically-motivated militants threatening a summer of discontent?

The answer, really, was never in doubt.

Breaking the silence, shadow minister Lisa Nandy backed the hard-Left troublemakers drooling over the prospect of bringing the country to its knees.

Lisa Nandy backed the hard-Left troublemakers drooling over the prospect of bringing the country to its knees

Defending the RMT’s grotesque 11 per cent pay demand, she moaned that rail workers were ‘really struggling’.

Yet a third earn a staggering £50,000-plus a year – comfortably more than most employees. The heart bleeds!

Strike action would be a punitively expensive slap in the face for hard-pressed commuters, families and businesses.

What a stark contrast between Labour’s pandering to its union paymasters and Boris Johnson sticking up for passengers.

The Prime Minister has vowed not to ‘surrender’ to the militants holding the nation to ransom. He must not wobble.

The railways are an essential public service. Voters will thank him for outlawing the industrial anarchy which brings them to an infuriating standstill.

Building back hope

Margaret Thatcher knew that you can’t expect people without capital, or without hope of acquiring it, to be capitalists.

Whenever the Tories make it easier for people to join the property-owning democracy, there is a bounce in the party’s political fortunes. So this paper welcomes Boris Johnson’s ambitious plans to get more people on the housing ladder, freeing themselves from eye-watering rents.

Relaxing the rules so people with smaller deposits can buy homes is certainly a step in the right direction.

However, these alone will not tackle the housing crisis. Unless more homes are built, the shake-up risks worsening the problem – pushing prices further out of reach.

Mr Johnson must hurry through planning reforms, so more houses are built on brownfield sites. Curbing excessive immigration, too, would reduce the need to surrender green fields.

And one way of helping people save up for a home is not pilfering so much from their pay packets. So we applaud the PM for revealing a Thatcherite streak by pledging to cut taxes.

The tax burden’s 70-year high was, he said, an ‘aberration’. If only he knew someone who could do something about it!

Beat the blockers

Once, civil servants prided themselves on their scrupulous impartiality when implementing government policy.

Today, those in the Home Office seem to believe they should have a veto over the Rwanda migrants scheme because it doesn’t conform to their own woke views.

Plotting ways to thwart it, these self-serving naifs have launched a campaign against the so-called ‘racist deportations’.

But by sending illegal migrants to Africa, Priti Patel aims to save lives in the Channel and smash the people-smuggling gangs.

The civil servants’ antics shine a light on how the activist Left has infiltrated Whitehall – and the scale of opposition the Home Secretary faces from the refuseniks within.

It is disturbing that Google’s powerful algorithms appear to overwhelmingly promote stories from Left-wing news outlets. Our analysis found that anyone searching for articles about Boris Johnson was directed away from Right-leaning media organisations. This bias is not only profoundly undemocratic. Doesn’t it raise concerns that a Remainstream media is conspiring to undermine the Government?


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