‘She is not the same little girl I used to play with,’ Miah Cerrillo’s dad testifies after she described witnessing the shooting

In a pre-recorded video, 11-year-old Miah Cerrillo described to lawmakers how she survived the Robb Elementary School massacre by smearing her friend’s blood over herself and pretending to be dead.

Students tried to hide behind their teacher’s desk when the gunman entered the classroom, she said.

The gunman shot her teacher in the head, as well as some of her classmates, including her friend next to her, Cerrillo said.

When he went into the adjacent room, she got “a little blood and I put it all over me” and stayed quiet.

She got her teacher’s phone to call 911. She told the dispatcher they needed help and to send the police.

Cerrillo said all she wants is “to have security” and that she is afraid to return to school for fear of another shooting.

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