Amber Heard slams Johnny Depp for posting montage on TikTok thanking his fans

Amber Heard slams Johnny Depp for posting montage on TikTok thanking his fans for their support and declares ‘women’s rights are moving backward’ as a result of his defamation trial verdict

Depp joined TikTok on Tuesday to post a 30 second clip thanking his fans, telling them: ‘We will all move forward together’The video – his first on the platform – gained more than 200,000 views in the first 15 minutes of being onlineShortly after, ex-wife Amber Heard issued a statement in response, saying: ‘As Johnny Depp says he’s ‘moving forward,’ women’s rights are moving backward’Depp was the victor in his blockbuster defamation trial against Heard, which was devoured on TikTok – with the 58-year-old the undoubted favorite  







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Amber Heard has reacted with disgust to her ex-husband Johnny Depp crowing about his victory in their defamation trial, joining TikTok to thank his fans for their support and proclaim they were ‘moving forward’

The 58-year-old actor posted a video compilation on Tuesday on the platform, where he has already racked up 5.1 million followers, which showed him arriving at the courthouse to crowds of fans.

The TikTok also shows clips of him playing guitar on stage with his friend Jeff Beck’s band afterwards. 

Depp says: ‘We will all move forward together.’ 

Heard on Tuesday evening issued a statement, saying: ‘As Johnny Depp says he’s ‘moving forward,’ women’s rights are moving backward. 

‘The verdict’s message to victims of domestic violence is … be afraid to stand up and speak out.’ 

Heard is shown leaving court on June 1st after the jury awarded Depp $15 million in damages. After deductions from the judge and what he owes Heard for defaming her, she must pay him around $8 million. On Tuesday she condemned her ex-husband’s claim that the world was ‘moving forward’

Depp joined TikTok on Tuesday to thank fans for their support throughout the trial 

Depp now has 4.1million on TikTok after signing  up on Tuesday morning 

Depp had captioned the 30-second video: ‘To all of my most treasured, loyal and unwavering supporters. We’ve been everywhere together, we have seen everything together. We have walked the same road together. 

‘We did the right thing together, all because you cared. And now, we will all move forward together. 

‘You are, as always, my employers and once again I am whittled down to no way to say thank you, other than just by saying thank you. So, thank you. 

‘My love & respect, JD’. 

The video was viewed 200,000 times in the first few minutes of being online. 

The trial lasted several months and every minute was devoured by TikTok fans. Depp was the undoubted favorite, dominating hashtags and trends over his ex-wife. 

On Tuesday, users welcomed him to the app with open arms. 

‘JOHNNY’S FIRST TIKTOK!’ one proclaimed in the comments section. 

‘We always stand with you Johnny!’ said another. 

Meanwhile, Depp’s star attorney Camille Vasquez has been promoted at her law firm. 

The video was viewed hundreds of thousands of times within the first ten minutes of being uploaded 

She was a breakout star of the trial and the subject of countless memes and TikTok videos. 

In an announcement, the firm said: ‘Vasquez was a key member of the litigation team that won a jury verdict on June 1, 2022 for actor Johnny Depp in his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard.’ 

The firm’s CEO said: ‘Historically, we have reserved this announcement for the end of our fiscal year.

‘But Camille’s performance during the Johnny Depp trial proved to the world that she was ready to take this next step now. 

‘We are incredibly proud of her and look forward to what she will accomplish as our newest partner.’ 

Depp sued Heard for defamation over an op-ed she wrote in which she described surviving domestic abuse. 

The jury ruled that she defamed him by suggesting incorrectly that he had abused her. 

Heard was ordered to pay Depp $8million after deductions. She has now said she cannot afford to pay.

Heard decried the verdict as a set-back for victims of domestic violence. 

She said it only proved how powerful and popular Depp is, and that he did abuse her throughout their brief marriage. 

Depp’s star lawyer Camille Vasquez has also been promoted to partner at her law firm 


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